Puddings & Custards

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Gluten Free Baking

Gluten Free Baking

By Kristine Kidd

Published 2015

Creamy Puddings, Silky custards, rich pots de creme, and similar desserts are beloved comfort foods. When I switched to a gluten-free lifestyle, I rediscovered many of these naturally gluten-free desserts that I adored as a child and young adult. Now these indulgent treats are staples in my dessert repertory. Many of the recipes on these pages did not require modifying to make them gluten free, but I did re-examine the flavors so that they would be compatible with modern tastes. For example, the pots de crème have a deep caramel flavor and are topped with flaky sea salt; the flan is imbued with exotic chai-style spices; and the rice pudding features fragrant orange zest and chewy dried fruits.

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