The Naked Chef

by Jamie Oliver

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Michael Joseph
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Recommended by

Alexis Gauthier

Chef and owner of Gauthier Soho

No self respecting chef would dismiss Jamie Oliver, globally the most successful person in food by a long way. This, his first book, seems so long ago now but it was arguably the first ‘mainstream’ cookbook, and has probably made more people try cooking than any other book ever written.

Jenny Whitham and Margaret Carter

Specialist food producer

This is the first of the many, many, many Jamie Oliver cookbooks from when Jamie truly was a breath of fresh air in his approach to cooking. The rest is history.

Sarah Tuck

Food and travel writer, photographer and stylist

His first book. This was a game- changer for me with recipes that are fresh, easy, clever, packed with flavour and uncomplicated.

Joel Serra Bevin


The original inspiration for making cooking cool and fresh.

John Gregory-Smith


Completely different to all the rest at the time.

Mallika Basu

Food writer

First got me into cooking.

Issy Croker

Food photographer

Stephen Marsh

Managing Director, Pinkster Gin

Kate Doran

Blogger, The Little Loaf

Sabrina Ghayour

Cook and food writer

Nathan Outlaw


Martine Carter

Director, Sauce Management

Sam Stern

Food writer

Annica Wainwright

Food industry consultant

Christophe Lavelle

Biophysicist, epigeneticist and food scientist