Made in India

by Meera Sodha

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Recommended by

Sarah Hodge

Food writer and cookbook reviewer

Although I have a good number of Indian titles in my collection (including the excellent “Curry Easy Vegetarian” by Madhur Jaffrey, “Secrets from my Indian Family Kitchen” by Anjali Pathak, and both Prashad cookbooks, “Made in India, Cooked in Britain” is immensely approachable, with its step-by-step photos, colorful vintage advertisements, and delightful prose (“lamb and cinnamon have always been natural flirts; throw tomatoes in, and you’ve got an ingredient love triangle”). Dishes include a wide range of appetizers, meat and veg curries (creamy chicken and fig curry, pistachio and yoghurt chicken curry, roasted butternut squash curry with garlic and tomatoes, cinnamon lamb, coconut and tamarind chicken), lamb and poultry, delightful seafood dishes (fish in a coriander, coconut and mint parcel, 20-minute fish curry), eggs, chutneys, pickles, and desserts (saffron shrikhand with passion fruit, chai-spiced chocolate puddings, love cake with cardamom and pomegranate shrikhand). I’ve also had Meera’s sophomore vegetarian cookbook “Fresh India” preordered since last year and am greatly looking forward to cooking from it this summer!

Sarah Chamberlain

Food writer

Meera is a friend, but even if I didn’t know her I could honestly say that this is the book I cook from the most, as my battered, broken copy will attest. If you’ve ever wondered about making Indian food at home but felt intimidated, Meera takes you by the hand and leads you through recipes with clarity and wit.

Julia Platt Leonard

Writer and Food Consultant

This is Indian food that is light, fresh, colourful and very easy to make. It's also a wonderful tribute to her family and filled with stories. A true keeper.

Maggie Hoffman

Food & drink writer

Wonderful recipes for fragrant, delicious home cooking from Meera Sodha.

Rachel Khoo

Author and chef

Niki Webster

Blogger and culinary consultant