by Sabrina Ghayour

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Sarah Hodge

Food writer and cookbook reviewer

Sabrina’s debut “Persiana” collects Persian-influenced dishes like eggplant chermoula, maast o khiar, khoresht and Moroccan tagines, yogurt and saffron-marinated meats and poultry, and jeweled veggie and grain salads and pilafs. The desserts also merit special mention, with cinnamon and citrus almond pastry cigars (a simplified m’hencha), pistachio, rose, and raspberry madeleines, cardamom and rosewater poached pears, and pistachio, honey and orange blossom ice cream. Her sophomore book “Sirocco” continues where “Persiana” left off, featuring 100 recipes for moreish Middle Eastern dishes such as a chickpea, butternut squash, preserved lemon and harissa tagine, mushroom, artichoke and feta swirls, and plenty of great appetizer and salad ideas. Your kitchen will be perfumed with the scents of the East!

Maureen Mills

Director, Network London PR

This is such a compelling book, that made it to my kitchen via my bedroom, where I slavishly pored over each picture, recipe and story.

Sudi Pigott

Food and travel writer

Ren Behan


Sam Stern

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