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Mark Hix on Baking

Mark Hix on Baking

by Mark Hix


Mark Hix is one of Britain's most well-known chefs, and writes a regular column on cooking for the Daily Telegraph. He's also a passionate baker, and Mark Hix on Baking delivers a tempting range recipes, both sweet and savoury. There are chapters on breads, cakes, cookies, pies and tarts, but also chapters on meat, fish, and vegetables cooked in the oven, too, such as Red Mullet en Papillote and Veal Baked in Hay.

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In this exciting book, renowned chef Mark Hix applies his characteristic flair to a range of savoury and sweet recipes that reflects his own unique interpretation of baking.

For him, baking covers anything that can be cooked in the dry heat of an oven whether that is a simple everyday luxury like a Honey baked ham or a sophisticated Saffron custard tart. Hix on Baking is split into chapters covering snacks, bread, meat and fish, vegetables, savoury and sweet tarts, and pudding and cakes. Mark's selection of recipes includes dishes such as Blue Cheese and Chive Scones, Baked Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Chilli, and Baked Peaches with Amaretto that he has been cooking for years or that he has eaten on his travels around the globe.

Mark Hix on Baking will change your perception of baking and will provide endless inspiration for delicious new dishes.

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