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Great British Chefs

by Kit Chapman


Great British Chefs presents over 140 recipes offered by the UK’s top chefs of the 80s and 90s. Created for the home cooks, they are simple enough not to require a kitchen brigade to pull off, yet cross over into the mileu of restuarant-quality fare. Recreate a few favorites of Brian Turner, Shaun Hill, Alastair Little, and more included in this anthology culled by Kit Chapman, and you’re destined to impress.

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Pyramid Books
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Jenny Whitham and Margaret Carter

Specialist food producer

This book is a collection of recipes from some of the top hotel and restaurant chefs of the day. That day being the late ’80s early '90s. It's quite interesting to note who is still forefront in our minds and who is not. The names that stick out are Brian Turner, Shaun Hill, Alastair Little and Gary Rhodes. It's probably because, looking at the photographs of these chefs in the book, they had youth on their side as much as talent.

Shirley Spear

Chef and food enthusiast

Kit Chapman’s first collection of recipes by Chefs who would be termed “celebrity” nowadays, but this was only just beginning. David Wilson of Peat Inn was included, one of my all-time heroes. I learned a lot of Chef techniques.

Tony Singh

Chef and TV Presenter

These chefs where the giants we wanted to emulate as young chefs.

David Rowley

Designer and art director