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by Geraldene Holt


A must-have in any baker’s kitchen, Geraldine Holt’s first book exemplifies the endless versatility of cakes. Cakes takes advantage of flavor combinations from around the world like Cypress orange, macadamia nut coffee, and gooseberry in her guide to perfect confections.

from the publisher

[Cakes] need reliable instructions…. from tray bakes to fruit cakes, to sponges and biscuits, teacakes to scones, little morsels for a mouthful to great big Christmas specials. There has been a plethora of baking books of late, but this should not detract from the success of this most reliable and intelligent of manuals. The recipes are laid out clearly and fall conveniently to the page.

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Prospect Books
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Felicity Cloake

Food writer and author

It may not have lots of gorgeous photographs, but the recipes, a collection of everything you've ever wanted to find on the WI cake stall of your dreams, always, always work.