French Country Cooking

By Elizabeth David

Original Publisher
John Lehmann
Date of publication

from the publisher

…Anne Willan combines years of hands-on experience with extensive research to create a new classic. More than 250 recipes range from the time-honored La Truffade. . . .to the Languedoc specialty Cassoulet de Toulouse…sprinkled with intriguing historical tidbits and filled with more than 270 enchanting photos of food markets, villages, harbors, fields, and country kitchens, this cookbook is an irresistible celebration of French culinary culture.

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Recommended by

Barbara Sweeney

Food writer

Read it for the dissertation on cassoulet alone and you have your money’s worth. As for recipes, the onion soup (onion, bread, cream and stick) is memorable. The pages seem to smell of thyme and garlic and pork and sunshine. Love it.

Josceline Dimbleby

Food writer

I can’t leave out Elizabeth David of course and as soon as I was a more confident cook I discovered her French Country Cooking. It makes you feel you really are in France.

Beverly LeBlanc


Not for a beginner cook, but still one of the best cookery books for French food.

Willie Lebus

Director Bibendum Wine

Still the most exciting book on French Food.

Cath Kerry

Writer, trainer, former chef and restaurateur

For the spinach recipe, if nothing else.

Shirley Spear

Chef and food enthusiast

Classic cooking of my growing-up period.

Charles Campion

Critic and Author

Lindsey Bareham

Author and writer

Kevin Gould

Professional Food Lover

Amanda Hesser

CEO & co-founder, Food52