Nectarines and Peaches

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The Cook's Book of Everything

The Cook's Book of Everything

By Lulu Grimes

Published 2009

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Nectarines are smooth-skinned stone fruit similar to, but distinctly different in flavour to, peaches, to which they are related. Their colour ranges from silvery white or yellowy orange to pinkish red. The white-fleshed varieties are considered the best and are usually the most expensive. Press gently along the seam to see that they are ripe. While they will soften at room temperature, they won’t ripen further after picking.
Peaches can be either slipstone (flesh separating easily from the stone) or clingstone (flesh clinging to the stone). Among the many varieties, white-fleshed peaches are considered to be the best eating. Peaches spoil quickly so only buy as needed. They should last 3–4 days at room temperature, unless already very ripe. If stored in the fridge, remove before eating as they are less flavoursome when chilled. The flesh can turn brown on contact with air, so prepare as needed or sprinkle the flesh with a little lemon juice.