Steamed Meat or Curried Vegetable Dumplings

Mo-Mos and Khotes

Appears in
Hot and Spicy

By Marlena Spieler

Published 1985

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Mo-Mos and Khotes are the national dishes of Tibet, much like America’s hamburger or Britain’s fish and chips.
Mo-Mos and Khotes are both made from the same almost translucent, slightly chewy dough and steamed on a bed of greens, but Mo-Mos are filled with minced meat and greens, while Khotes are filled with curried vegetables. Both are then dipped into the condiment of choice: I’m fondest of Mo-Mos dipped into soy sauce, shredded ginger and vinegar, and Khotes dipped into Achar, a relish made of tomatoes, onions and chillies. Both are excellent with Coriander-Mint-Peanut Sambal.