The Cuisines of Mexico

by Diana Kennedy

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Michelle Peters-Jones

Food writer

You can obviously see a theme here in my picks, yes? What can I say? I love ethnic cuisines, of all kinds and when it comes to Mexican food, Diana Kennedy is the bees knees. This book is actually a combination of three of her bestselling books on Mexican cuisine (real Mexican, not Tex Mex) and covers everything you want to know and learn about the culture and food of Mexico. I struggled a bit between picking Diana Kennedy or Rick Bayless, but in the end Kennedy's painstaking research and her quest for real Mexican food won out.

Tom Parker Bowles

Restaurant Critic, Food Writer and Broadcaster

There's a delicious irony in the fact that it took a British lady to help preserve many of the great regional recipes of Mexico, but it's true. Kennedy is a true hero, tramping the dusty roads and byways of Mexico to gather the recipes of the real country, those held sacred in the home kitchens across the land. They were in genune danger of dying out. She writes well, with authority and precision, and her recipes are brilliant. This tome combines her first three book and is the essential tome on real Mexican cookery.

John Birdsall

Food Writer

In the 1970s, this book persuaded skeptical middle-class white Americans that Mexico has one of the world's great food cultures. It's a testament to Kennedy's immersion in her subject.

Kay Plunkett-Hogge

Food writer

Mexico and its food have fascinated me from the moment I first went there when I was 12. This book is definitive. If you want to cook Mexican, accept no substitutes.

Aliza Green

Chef and author

I spent several summers in Mexico as a young teen, fell in love with the food and later turned to Kennedy's influential book to learn to cook it for myself.

Matt Goulding

Co-founder of Roads & Kingdoms and author of Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels Through Japan’s Food Culture

The ultimate expression of one person's dedication to a single cuisine.

Tracey Ryder

Co-founder of Edible Communities

Darrell Corti

President Corti Brothers

Alexander Lobrano

Author, Hungry for Paris

MM Pack

Food writer

Cathy Strange

Whole Foods Market Global Cheese Buyer

Naomi Duguid

Writer and photographer

Sonia Cabano

Author, former chef & TV cook/presenter

Linda Pelaccio

Culinary historian