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Great Dishes of the World

by Robert Carrier


American-born restaurateur, TV chef and bon vivant, Robert Carrier, traveled the world in search of new dishes and expanded the culinary horizons of a generation. The unashamedly indulgent recipes in this much-loved cookbook spanning South Africa to China are written in a clear and practical style. Don't miss iconic dishes such as Rhum Bhaba and Creole Jambalaya.

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First published in 1963, this is a cook's tour of the world which became an international bestseller in 11 languages. It presents over 500 recipes based on universal favourites, rustic surprises and culinary elegance. The recipes are accompanied by basic practical guidance.

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Thomas Nelson & Son
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Author profile: Robert Carrier

Author profile: Robert Carrier

Taste of Morocco is the third title by the late Robert Carrier to be added to ckbk. Carrier played a pioneering role in enthusiastically advocating good food to audiences in Britain and America in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and his books sold in their millions. He spent several months each year in Marrakesh, and Morocco held a special place in his heart. To mark the appearance of Taste of Morocco on ckbk, Luke Honey remembers the chef and his influence in this author profile.
Rediscovering Great Dishes of the World

Rediscovering Great Dishes of the World

This week, as part of our mission to bring the world’s best cookbooks online, we are delighted to add Great Dishes of the World to ckbk’s collection of 350+ licensed cookbooks which together include more than 75,000 recipes.

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Jenny Whitham and Margaret Carter

Specialist food producer

Affectionately known in this household as The Robert Carrier Cookbook. I'm sure he wrote more but this is the only one we have. Our favourite dish from this book is the moussaka. The copy we have has particularly mucky pages around this recipe. It has been a useful reference book for classic dishes over the years.

Terry Durack

Restaurant critic, author, columnist

An American living in London who learned to love food in France changed the way the world cooked. Meeting him and being his friend was very important to me; a very charming and complicated and genuine man.

Ian Hemphill

Managing Director, Herbie’s Spices

A classic that is just as useful for novice and experienced cooks.

Glynn Christian

Food writer and author

James Steen

Journalist, author and food writer

Matt Webster

Director at Seasoned Pioneers

Jon Croft

Cookbook publisher

Jay Rayner

Food writer and broadcaster

Franco Taruschio

Chef/proprietor and cookbook author