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Taste of Morocco

by Robert Carrier


Robert Carrier loved Morocco and spent several months each year in Marrakesh. His enthusiasm for the country, its food, and its people runs through Taste of Morocco. A pioneering volume at the time, the book remains one of the best guides to the warmly-spiced cuisine of this North African country. It features soups such as harira, other local specialties including kefta and various types of tagine, and two different recipes for harissa, the addictive Moroccan red chilli paste.

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Taste of Morocco brings together popular TV chef Robert Carrier's favourite Moroccan recipes, passed on to him by local friends and chefs. He introduces the basic ingredients used in Moroccan cooking, and looks at the country's attitude to food. This is the first in-depth look at the cuisine of Morocco and the culture that has inspired it, in a glorious volume featuring 150 authentic recipes and more than 100 full-color photographs.

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Author profile: Robert Carrier

Author profile: Robert Carrier

Taste of Morocco is the third title by the late Robert Carrier to be added to ckbk. Carrier played a pioneering role in enthusiastically advocating good food to audiences in Britain and America in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and his books sold in their millions. He spent several months each year in Marrakesh, and Morocco held a special place in his heart. To mark the appearance of Taste of Morocco on ckbk, Luke Honey remembers the chef and his influence in this author profile.

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Luke Honey

Writer, Blogger & Art Dealer

Dear old Robert Carrier, now forgotten and consigned to the culinary dustbin of history. This is my favourite Carrier work, lavishly illustrated; charming and enthusiastic.

Mark Hix

Chef, restaurateur and food writer