Tartine Bread

by Chad Robertson

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Recommended by

Francis Percival

Food Editor, The World of Fine Wine and co-founder and convenor of the London Gastronomy Seminars

The single greatest manual on sourdough baking in any language. It still amazes me that they managed to publish a full book where there are really only two basic recipes--although many embellishments and some other dishes at the end of the book--for an excellent high-hydration sourdough and great baguette.

Lisa Q. Fetterman

Cofounder and CEO of Nomiku

This is bread porn. And chill. It's so relaxing to leaf through this book. AND the cover is soft like bread, they crazy for this one. You can teach yourself to bake bread from NOTHING with this book.

Anna Colquhoun

Cooking teacher, food consultant and writer

Having lived round the corner from Tartine bakery for a couple of years I had to learn to make the bread on returning to the UK. My weekly sourdough is based on Chad's and, imho, bloody amazing.

Barbara Feldman Morse


There is a next-level passion and dedication to their art and science that we all benefit from. The cover photograph is one of my all-time favorites.

John Becker

Food publisher

Changed the way we make bread at home and allows home cooks to make bakery-quality bread without dumbing down the process.

Julian Carter

Head Baker

What a modern bakery should strive to achieve in the way its principles and image.

Pascale Beale

Owner and Founder of Pascale’s Kitchen

Lani Kingston

Food professional

Aaron Wehner


Amanda Feifer

Fermentation blogger and educator

Robert Stephens

Founder, The Geek Squad

Tim Maddams

Chef and food writer

Daniel Klein

Chef and filmmaker

Marcy Goldman

Pastry chef and cookbook author

Alexandra Stafford

Food writer and photographer

Ben Reade

Co-Owner/Chef at Edinburgh Food Studio

Lucas Hollweg

Food writer