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Indonesian Food and Cookery

by Sri Owen

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Indonesian Food' is the most comprehensive account of this ancient, exotic and varied cuisine ever published. Sri Owen, the world's leading authority, provides over 100 mouthwatering recipes, from staples and basics to food for festivals and special occasions. All recipes have fascinating introductions which place them in their regional and cultural settings and are easy to follow. The book is split into two parts - in part one a series of introductory chapters examine the role of food in Sri's life, in Indonesian culture and society, with recipes to accompany. Part two explains the essential ingredients and techniques of Indonesian cookery, with notes on availability and substitutions and discussions of modern developments, again with the relevant recipes and variations to accompany each technique. Painstakingly researched, and complemented by the superb photography of Gus Filgate, this book captures all aspects of this diverse culinary culture. Sris 'Indonesian food' has just won best Asian cookbook in the UK at the Gourmand Food Awards

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Prospect Books
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Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra

Food writer and author

Sri's recipes always work - and they taste delicious! In this book she has collected dishes from all over her native Indonesia and brought them to life with her appealing narrative.

Peter Gordon


A muc​h​-​under​r​ated cuisine and a good book to whet your appetite.

Nevin Halici

Chef and author