A Year in my Kitchen

by Skye Gyngell

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Recommended by

Kerstin Rodgers

Chef, author and blogger

I’m always interested in female chefs and Skye Gyngell is one of the best. While her food is beautifully presented it’s not the anally retentive control freakery with tweezers and droplets that you see in male chefs food. It’s organically plated, using odd numbers, height and deceptive casualness. Her flavours and ingredients are fresh, vibrant, creative and innovative.

Charlie Lee-Potter

Writer, broadcaster and academic

This is the book you need when you're feeling glum. Skye Gyngell cooks as though she's trying to make herself and everyone else feel better. The food is exquisite, and Skye's insistence on seasonal cooking brings a slightly mournful impermanence to every recipe. Taste it today because it will be gone tomorrow.

Eleanor Ford

Food writer

When I moved to Hong Kong and could take just one cookbook in my suitcase, this was the one I chose. Skye Gyngell’s ‘toolbox of flavours’ taught me so much about balancing food and cooking without relying on recipes.

Caroline Kenyon

Founder/Director of The Food Awards Company

This is a magical book, seasonal, inventive, a book to dip into for inspiration, and I love the culinary toolbox concept. Just sorry I never managed to go the Petersham Nurseries when Skye was presiding there

David Prior


Gyngell has a singular story, voice and way with food. The 'toolbox' section of A Year in My Kitchen is brilliant and her writing is deeply personal.

Alistair Cameron

Coordinator for England of the Slow Food Chef Alliance and Ark of Taste

The idea of good ingredients and a "toolbox" of flavours from which you assemble beautiful dishes.

Fiona Burrell

Founder, Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

This is a beautiful book which takes you through the seasons

Fred Smith

Beef at Flat Iron

Great seasonal recipes.

Ian James

Co-founder of Melrose and Morgan

Jordan Bourke

Irish chef, food stylist and best-selling author

Claire Ptak

Chef-owner, Violet Cakes

Fiona Cairns


Tonia George

Food writer