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Easy Vegan

Easy Vegan

by Sue Quinn


Though not vegan herself, the author clearly knows how to write recipes that appeal to food lovers of all stripes: the recipes from this book consistently rate highly among ckbk users. Quinn includes basics such as how to make dairy-free ‘milk’ products and pastry, and pulls together 138 enticing recipes that truly hit the spot.

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Veganism is a growing trend worldwide but many of the books currently on the market are health focused rather than recipe and taste focused. They can also look rather forbidding and serious. Easy Vegan offers 160 delicious recipes without animal products for wannabe vegans, existing vegans or those wishing to learn more. It targets those who want to eat less animal product for ethical and health reasons and also those who might just want to experiment with this style of cooking or who have family or friends who are vegan. These recipes are proof that vegan food can be tasty and interesting. Easy Vegan includes great explanations on how to replace the animal- sourced elements of recipes: how to 'veganise' a recipe, how to make vegan butter, how to replace eggs in a recipe, and uses illustration to break down some of the facts surrounding vegan food into visuals, so key information is easy (and fun) to assimilate.

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Murdoch Books
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