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A Passion for Vegetables

by Paul Gayler


British chef Paul Gayler has worked at the Crillon Hotel in Paris, and with Anton Mosimann at London’s Dorchester. Author of more than 20 cookbooks, he is a longtime advocate of putting fresh, seasonal vegetables at the center of the plate. This book deservedly won the Cookery Book of the Year Award from the Guild of Food Writers in the UK in 2000.

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"Passion for Vegetables" is a celebration of 60 different vegetables (from carrots to salsify), with over 150 recipes featuring ingredients from around the world: Asian-inspired corn cakes with panee and green chillies and Algerian swiss chard and potato stew with yoghurt. Paul Gayler shares new ideas for vegetables we take for granted (e.g. using beetroot in wickedly rich chocolate brownies), and applies traditional techniques to less familiar vegetables to show how to incorporate them into everyday cooking. The introduction discusses vegetable storage, selection, preparation, nutritional values and ethnic origins. Every course is covered, from hot and cold soups to sauces, conserves and condiments (Paul even includes a few 'vegetable-inspired desserts'.).

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Jane Middleton

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Such a talented chef, who was creating what became known as fusion food years before anyone else ever thought of it - and doing it much better. Paul Gayler also pioneered top-class vegetarian cooking and, although this book is not completely vegetarian, it offers a superb mix of classic and innovative vegetable recipes.