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A Passion for Potatoes

A Passion for Potatoes

by Paul Gayler

from the publisher

This enticing book not only leaves no aspect of cooking with potatoes untouched, but also leaves no part of the world and no part of dining untouched. From vegetarian breakfasts, to Cuban desserts, you will be amazed at what culinary treats can be made using the humble potato. Paul teaches you the differences between each variety of potato, the importance of storing them correctly and essential kitchen equipment. He then takes you on a culinary journey, starting from Soup, Starters and Salads, moving to Mash, Gnocchi and Dumplings, Gratins, Bakes and Roasts, Sautes, Fritters, Potato Cakes and Chips, ending with Breads, Pancakes and Pies, Main Courses and A Few Sweet Ideas. With delicious recipes such as Sweet Potato Laksa, Mashed Potatoes with Mascarpone and Tomatoes, and the more unusual Roast Tikka Masala Potatoes, Potato, Mozzarella and Salami Pie and the sublimely creative Espresso and Sweet Potato Tart, you will never run out of ideas for potatoes!

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