Catalan Cuisine

by Colman Andrews

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Atheneum Books
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Recommended by

Caroline Conran

Food writer

A man in love with his subject, Colman Andrews tells us in poetic and witty prose, everything that he knows, from the colour of chopped onions after frying (strange and mysterious as the brushstrokes of Titian), how to cook prawns in sea water and the proper ingredients of an authentic aioli. We learn about strange combinations of sweet and salty or sweet and sour, and how to cook tripe, testacles, ears, feet and heads. I admire his dogged determination to gather all the most enthralling facts about each dish; he then piles up the information and sets it ablaze.

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Food writers

This is a typical Colman Andrews book - thoroughly researched, erudite, insightful and compelling to read. Whether he is describing the origins or techniques for making allioli or arròs negre or tripa a la Catalana the same thoroughness and judgement is brought to bear.

Daniel Newman

Food historian

Very informative and well-written survey of an underexplored culinary heritage.

David Dale