Four Seasons Cookery Book

by Margaret Costa

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Original Publisher
Thomas Nelson and Sons
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Recommended by

Jenny Linford

Food writer

Brimming with personality, this is an engaging cookbook. Costa takes you through the seasons through a mix of ingredients and types of food, so sorrel and new potatoes in the spring and proper puddings in winter. The recipes, often just a few lines, work well - but it's the charming experience of meandering through Costa's food world which makes this book special.

Angela Clutton

Food writer

My ‘desert island’ cookbook! Margaret’s writing style makes her a joy to read as well as to cook from. Even the most traditional dishes included here feel more interesting in Margaret’s hands. Lovely focus on seasonal produce and dishes.

Di Murrell

Food writer

A long-time favourite and the book I turn to whenever I need a bit of inspiration. Her recipes are tried and tested, cover a huge range, and never fail. This is the all-round cookery book I would have if I could only have one.

Annie Bell

Food writer

I cut my teeth on this book, methodically cooking my way through every section. It is full of fabulous, exuberant dishes, and the way the book is structured is both whimsical and unique.

Shirley Spear

Chef and food enthusiast

Her husband Bill Lacy was a Chef at a London restaurant called Lacy’s. It was one of the most impressionable dining experiences I had in all time. I was aged 21.

Geraldene Holt

Professional food writer and broadcaster

Margaret Costa was cookery correspondent of the Sunday Times in the sixties and seventies, every recipe in her only book is timeless and delicious.

Oliver Rowe


This was one that my mother returned to time and again and she has been a great fallback for me over the years.

Tim Hayward

Writer and broadcaster

Lucas Hollweg

Food writer

Lindsey Bareham

Author and writer

Thane Prince

Author and writer

Ian James

Co-founder of Melrose and Morgan

Anne Dolamore

Publisher, Grub Street

Richard Maggs

Aga Cookery Doctor

Janet Floyd

Professor of American Literature & Culture