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Anna Del Conte on Pasta

Anna Del Conte on Pasta

by Anna Del Conte


Anna Del Conte on Pasta' is the revised version of her earlier seminal pasta bible 'Portrait of Pasta' (1976), heralded by Nigella, among others, as the book that changed British attitudes to pasta. The history and regional diversity of traditional pasta recipes is expertly conveyed in Del Conte’s warm friendly tone. Feel free to slurp your way through this taste of Italy.

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A delicious collection of 120 recipes, many of which can be cooked within minutes. The book starts with a fascinating historical account of pasta, then guides you through how to cook pasta, and explores the different types of pasta. The recipes, which come from every region of Italy, are divided into easy to navigate chapters on meat, dairy, vegetables, soups, stuffed and baked pastas.

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Pavilion Books
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