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Pasta-lover's Cookbook

Pasta-lover's Cookbook

by Anna Del Conte


Good pasta never goes out of style, nor does authoritative writing. Put the two together and you have a timeless guide to one of the world’s best-loved forms of nourishment. Del Conte’s recipes, from throughout regional Italy, are put together with thought and care, and are utterly reliable.

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Pasta recipes are the perfect expression of Italian cuisine: simple yet delicious. The best pasta recipes are a celebration of all the senses. The beauty of pasta dishes 1s that they can be as simple as you like without losing any of their charm, but pasta can also do justice to the most luxurious of ingredients.

Anna del Conte, the UK’s leading writer on Italian food, has brought together authentic, traditional regional specialities with modern originals. The recipes range from pasta soups, through sauces of all kinds, to baked pasta dishes – and even a couple of desserts. Exuberant flavours and textures combine in a pasta-lover’s feast.

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