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Best Biscotti

Best Biscotti

by Marcy Goldman

from the publisher

Nothing beats a crisp and biscotti! Sweet but not decadent, biscotti are perfect with coffee or tea and make a great gift. This is a blue-ribbon book of classic but original biscotti recipes including Little Italy’s Double Almond Biscotti, Sugar Cinnamon Walnut Biscotti and Chocolate Chunk Biscotti. Check out fresh sensations like Clementine Cranberry Orange Biscotti, Blueberries ‘n Cream Biscotti and Sweet Potato Pie Biscotti. Tucked in-between the recipes you’ll also find thirteen baker’s secret tricks of the trade to ensure that you also bake up professionally-styled biscotti that have that one-of-kind homemade taste!

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River Heart Press
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