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Every recipe from The Baking Bible, now available online

Rose Levy Beranbaum’s magnum opus with all the benefits of search and discovery

The Baking Bible, an IACP award-winning title, is now available on ckbk, cover-to-cover in an ultra-searchable form.

Rose Levy Beranbaum, the queen of everything sweet, is known for her multi-volume "Bible” series—definitive works that dive deep into all types of dessert making. The prolific recipe developer spent decades researching, recipe testing and writing a dozen books on nearly every category of sweet treat including cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, candies, pastries, breads and more (the latest about Ice Cream will be released this May). The Baking Bible is a compilation of all her best work, encompassing the topics of her previous titles.

What you’ll find in The Baking Bible

In her signature detail-oriented style, Beranbaum provides foolproof recipes, providing thorough explanation and tips for success. It’s a reliable reference for both the experienced and novice baker.

Each chapter begins with a thorough guide of essential techniques and tips, followed by Beranbaum’s “golden rules”, plus, informative troubleshooting guides that address common problems. Hundreds of recipes are provided to put those newly learned skills to task.

ckbk co-founder and CCO Nadia Arumugam cites The Baking Bible as one of her all-time favorite cookbooks, sharing, “It is near impossible to create a recipe from The Baking Bible and not have it turn out beautifully. Rose miraculously pre-empts any possible mishap, filling out the recipes with ingenious tips and tricks. Every baking experience is an education. Not only do you emerge at the end with a truly divine treat but you are also a better, more knowledgeable and confident baker. That’s why we are so excited to have The Baking Bible on ckbk—it epitomizes everything we stand for. We don’t just want to deliver great, no-fail recipes, we want our content to help our members become their best cooks!”


Rose Levy Beranbaum introduces The Baking Bible


Discover more with ckbk

The Baking Bible is now extremely portable and easier to navigate than ever before. With ckbk, you can search the book with just a few taps on your screen, quickly pull up recipes, sort by difficulty level, narrow by specific ingredients and easily navigate between sub-recipes and notes.

ckbk will help you explore your curiosity and aid you in building your baking skills by offering suggestions to related recipes and reference articles as well as prompting you to browse other titles by Beranbaum.

Plus, you can easily share your obsession. Save all your favorites with a quick click of a button and create recipe playlists of techniques you’d like to master and recipes to return to.

Bake through the book with #ckbkclub

By popular vote The Baking Bible was selected as the February book for #ckbkclub. Our group will be baking and posting our creations on our club’s Facebook group and posting with to Instagram hashtag #ckbkblub. Join us as we work our way through the book mastering new recipes and learning key techniques. More about #ckbkclub »

Top recipes from The Baking Bible

Here are some of the most popular recipes with ckbk users.

Rose Levy Beranbaum’s books on ckbk

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