Boneless Rack of Lamb in a Pecan Crust with Barbecue Sauce and Shoestring Sweet Potatoes

Washington, Virginia

You can’t exactly serve a pulled pork barbecue for ninety-eight dollars, much as we might love to. So, you have to do the next best thing. I love barbecue and cole slaw, and I think people—especially those coming in from New York or California—crave to have some of the regional flavors come through. Rack of lamb is pretty ubiquitous, and this preparation was an attempt to bring it into the scope of the South and Virginia and to create a sense of place with it. Through the years, this has been one of our most popular versions of rack of lamb. The racks are brushed with barbecue sauce, grilled, boned, rolled in more sauce, and then rolled in crushed pecans. The meat is then sliced into medallions and served with crispy shoestring sweet potatoes and sautéed fresh green beans.

To serve

  1. Reheat the barbecue-flavored red wine sauce.
  2. Place 3 medallions on each of 6 hot serving plates. Dribble the wine sauce over the plate. Garnish with sautéed green beans.

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