Biscuits, Cakes & Tarts

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A World in My Kitchen

A World in My Kitchen

By Peter Gordon

Published 2003

All these treats are great wheeled out theatrically on the tea trolley, or simply placed on the table alongside afternoon tea and coffee. How nice to offer someone a home-made cookie rather than something from the packet. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of jars full of biscuits and slices, and tins jammed full with assorted cakes all made by my paternal grandmother Molly Gordon. I remember as a kid eating Afghan biscuit mixture (I don’t know why they’re called Afghans as they contain cocoa, cornflakes, butter and sugar) – it was as delicious as the final baked biscuits! Get the kids into baking, or get into it yourself – it’s really satisfying and smells so good. Some of these recipes also make for good desserts. See what grabs your fancy.

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