The Taste of Country Cooking

by Edna Lewis

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Recommended by

Anna Thomas

Screenwriter, filmmaker and author

Judith Jones, my longtime editor at Knopf, gave me this book and told me I’d like it. I love it – though I rarely actually look for a recipe here. But it is a story of a time and a place, a way of life. By simply telling her personal history, Edna Lewis describes the powerful connection between food and community.

John Birdsall

Food Writer

The recipes shine with grace and dignity, and the chapter intros and headnotes show like faded snapshots of a lost world.

Adrian Miller

Food writer

This is the standard for a personal narrative of a cook performing her art through each season.

Kevin Mitchell

Chef Instructor, Culinary Institute of Charleston

You can never go wrong with a book by Edna Lewis.

Cheryl Day and Griffith Day

Bakers and cookbook authors

Catherine Pantsios

Chef and culinary educator

Therese Nelson

Chef - Freelance Food Writer - Culinary Curator, Black Culinary History

Tamar Adler

Food writer

Julia Turshen

Food writer

Von Diaz

Food writer and radio producer

Chris Fischer

Chef and farmer

Emily Elsen

Owner & Founder, Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Nicole Taylor

Food & Travel Storyteller

Matt Lee

Author, columnist and TV host

Molly Wizenberg

Blogger and cookbook author

Barbara Haber

Author and food historian

Cathy Barrow

Author of the food blog Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Kitchen