by Nigel Slater

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Genevieve Taylor

Food writer and stylist

I could very well have chosen any one of Nigel Slaters books for my top ten list, I treasure them all. I love his descriptive writing, the connections he makes between food and memories. How he crafts his words has certainly had a big influence on my own writing. I’ve picked this as perhaps the most useful kitchen companion to own, teaching you in a gentle way what flavours can be expected to go with what and how to adapt recipes to suit what you have. I think of it more as a collection of ideas that inspire you to invent a tasty meal out of the contents of the fridge. Nigel is giving you wholehearted permission to deviate from his recipes, this is a book free from rules and I like that very much.

Holly Bell

Recipe writer, presenter and blogger

I first read this at university; a time when I was in control of what I ate every evening for the very first time. I loved (and still love) the way Nigel makes us all believe in the magical things that happen in a saucepan when sausages and onions are introduced to one another. Such simple recipes, with lots of suggestions for deviation. Nigel is not a dictator in any way.

Annie Bell

Food writer

Nigel has redefined cookery writing, he is unique. His recipes are as much about a style of prose as instruction, he offers ideas that cooks can make their own. And Appetite takes this particular talent to its logical extreme, it is a lovely book, a charming, lyrical read that leaves you in no doubt about what you want to cook for supper.

Gizzi Erskine

Chef and food writer

Along with the Leith’s Cookery Bible, this is probably the book from which I have cooked most. It’s quite simply an excellent idea executed brilliantly.

Jenny Chandler

Food writer

The book I turn to if I'm lacking in inspiration, Nigel's writing is a delight and always sparks ideas even if you are missing half the ingredients.

Andreas Viestad

Norwegian TV Chef

I have always been a fan of Slater, the cook that took cookbooks out of the restaurant. No-fail delicious home cooking.

Annica Wainwright

Food industry consultant

Daniel Klein

Chef and filmmaker

Molly Stevens

Cookbook author

Jemma Wilson

Founder of Crumbs & Doilies and star of the YouTube channel, Cupcake Jemma

Russell Norman

Restaurateur, writer, broadcaster

Sudi Pigott

Food and travel writer

Karen Barnes

Editor, Delicious magazine

Bruce Palling


Franck Dangereux

Co-owner of The Food Barn