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Salads for All Seasons

Salads for All Seasons

by Josceline Dimbleby

from the publisher

The qualities of a well put-together salad seem to combine everything that is good about food' says Josceline Dimbleby in her introduction to this new Sainsbury's Cookbook. All too often the one quality that salads do lack is imagination, but here Josceline shows ho a wide variety of familiar vegetables and fruits, as well as some more unusual ones, can be used in countless combinations to give you nutritious, easy-to-make and mouthwatering dishes for every season of the year. They include light salads, and substantial meat and fish salads, dressings and sauces, fruit salads, refreashing summer salads and satisfying winter ones - even a hot salad! Theis book contains 18 full-colour illustrations and over 70 delicious recipes.

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Behind the Cookbook: The Sainsbury’s cookbook series

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