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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

by Josceline Dimbleby


Part of a series written for UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, this book of 72 recipes is aimed at the end-of-the-meal sweet spot. The author admits to having a sweet tooth, and encourages cooks to indulge their tendencies to creativity and glamour. “If you have a creative instinct in the kitchen the pudding course is where you can really use it,” she writes, and the ice creams, cakes and tarts live up to the promise.

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In this expanded edition, Josceline Dimbleby presents a mouthwatering selection of sweet dishes, from simply family puddings to extravagant dinner party desserts, and you will find in this collection an appropropriate and easy-to-follow recipe for any occasion.

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Behind the Cookbook: The Sainsbury’s cookbook series

Behind the Cookbook: The Sainsbury’s cookbook series

In the 1970s and 1980s, Sainsbury’s published a groundbreaking series of cookbooks written by top authors. The books have become classics, and ckbk is working with the authors to make many of these much-loved titles available once more online.