A Taste of India

by Madhur Jaffrey

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Susan Low

Food writer

This book was published a couple of years before I moved to the UK from the US. At the time, Indian cooking was practically unknown where I grew up in New England and discovering Indian food in London was like opening the door to Narnia. I was blown away by its complex flavours and ingredients: green and black cardamom, fenugreek, cumin seeds, fresh coriander, cassia bark… How had I lived so long and not discovered these bits of edible magic? A friend gave me Madhur’s book and I was hooked. When I was meant to be writing my dissertation, I spent far too long in the kitchen (clearly a displacement activity), learning how to cook Indian food by following Madhur’s wise words. Many years later, I had the honour to work with Madhur while I was at the BBC. They say to never meet your heroes… Not so with Madhur. She’s as gracious, funny and wise in person as in her books. My signed copy of A Taste of India is now a prized possession.

Anna Colquhoun

Cooking teacher, food consultant and writer

Organised by region and full of recipes I've used time and time again. One of my first and best cookbooks that will surely last another quarter century in my house!

Liz Williams

Founder of SoFAB

The wonder of fabulous use of spices.