An Invitation to Indian Cooking

by Madhur Jaffrey

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Caroline Conran

Food writer

Glamorous actress Madhur Jaffrey brought Indian cooking to our tables. Until she came along, all most of us Westerners knew about was Anglo Indian curry made with curry powder and rather heavy Indian restaurant food. Then the revelation came; blend ginger, garlic and onions, crush some toasted spices, chop some herbs, take a spoonful of yoghurt - she taught us how to make fresh, tantalising, delicate dishes of great sophistication. She also taught us to respect Indian cooking and cooks - this food is complex and labour-intensive, but worth it.

Josceline Dimbleby

Food writer

Such a good book. Madhur is another home cook who writes evocatively and tests out her excellent recipes herself, which always work. I used to check this book when I began going to India decades ago, and experienced home cooking there.

Betty Fussell


In revealing the fundamentals of this rich and ancient culinary world, Jaffrey's aesthetic precision supplies a how-to for treating the entire world of spices.

Ken Hom


Madhur’s first book opened the door to one of the world’s greatest cuisine. Her passion can be felt on every page.

Daniel Newman

Food historian

It does what it says on the tin: no-frills recipes for those embarking on their journey into Indian cuisine.

Fiona Beckett

Food and wine writer

Possibly my most bespattered book. And surprisingly easy recipes I mastered even as an inexperienced cook

Harold McGee

Author and lecturer

Barbara Haber

Author and food historian

Marissa Nicosia

Assistant Professor at Penn State Abington

Nadia Arumugam

Food writer

Thomasina Miers

Founder of Wahaca, chef and writer

Romy Gill

Chef and owner of Romy's Kitchen

Stephen Mennell

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University College Dublin

Prerna Singh

Co-Founder Indian Simmer

Daniel Halpern

Publisher, Ecco