Sauces: Savoury & Sweet

by Michel Roux

from the publisher

Sauces have always played an important role in cooking. They complement and enhance so many foods, adding nuances of flavour and taking dishes to new heights. With his wealth of culinary knowledge, Michel Roux is recognised as a master at the art of sauce-making.

This comprehensive collection of over 200 sauces has attained classic status as the essential guide in every good cook's kitchen. The techniques and methods of sauce making are explained simply and clearly, many illustrated with step-by-step instructions and photographs. A comprehensive directory which recommends the best sauces for key dishes and ingredients is also included.

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Pesto and beyond: summer herb sauces explained

Pesto and beyond: summer herb sauces explained

Green sauces made from fresh summer herbs are made in countless guises and styles, all around the world. High summer, when basil, parsley, and cilantro (coriander) are available by the armload, is prime green-sauce time. Grab a spoon and come along on a flavor journey.
The right sauce for the right dish

The right sauce for the right dish

Want to know your sauce suprême from your sauce albufera? Bamboozled by butter sauces? Fascinated by foams? Take a guided tour through the sauce recipes on ckbk. From classic white sauces to emulsions, we’ve got you (and your steak) covered.

Recommended by

Christopher Archambault


A classic. Simple, clear, practical...but what really lifts this book to the top is Brigdale’s masterful photography. I would go so far as to say that he inspired M&S for that advertising campaign. Bright, bold and sensual photos inspiring the reader to make the food. A must have for home and professional cook alike. An abridged saucier’s handbook. One can rarely go wrong with a Roux involved.

Kavita Favelle

Blogger of Kavey Eats

Although we also have Michel Roux's Eggs and Pastry books, it's the Sauces one that is grabbed off the shelf most often -- a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide to all the classic French sauces.

Job Ubbink

Food scientist

A brilliant cookbook on sauces, has greatly stimulated my exploration of various types of sauces.

PJ Kenny

General Manager, The Hoxton, London

It is what it is and we all need help when we throw that dinner party now and again!

Andrew Maxwell

MD and Principal, Tante Marie Culinary Academy

David Gillmore

Head Chef at James Street South, Belfast