The Roux Brothers on Patisserie

by Albert Roux and Michel Roux

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Little, Brown and Company
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Recommended by

William Curley

Patissier and chocolatier

This was one of the first cookbooks I ever bought and it helped inspire me to become a patissier. It covers a whole array of skills, methods and recipes. It is a must have book for any aspiring pastry chef. The Roux brothers have to be two of the most recognised chefs in the world. When I started my career, this was a bible to me.

Anthony Warner

Chef and author

I started off as a pastry chef and a dog eared copy of that book helped me blag my way through some dark times and appear like I knew what I was doing. It gets rid of a lot of the mystery behind high end patisserie.

Shane Osborn


For a long time this was the best pastry book available. Mine is covered in all sorts of butter/ chocolate and flour stains from over use .

Tom Cockerill


Chintzy and garish throughout yet utterly indispensable as a young chef’s entry-level guide into the world of classic French patisserie

Claire Clark

Pastry chef

One of the best Patisserie books for chefs on the market. I still recommend it to all budding Pastry Chefs.

Daniel Galmiche


So good, complete. I used it a lot, and also know the brothers well, having I worked for them in the past.

Julian Carter

Head Baker

This is a classic eighties book, well used with the pages stuck together on the best recipes (cake porn).

Holly Bell

Recipe writer, presenter and blogger

Classics explained in absolute, painstaking detail. Worth the cover price for the croissant recipe alone.

Russell Brown

Founder of Creative about Cuisine

Published in 1986 but still as relevant today, a book all about the classic recipes and craft skills.

Alan Murchison

Retired chef, duathlete and performance nutrition specialist

This book was by my side many a long hour as a young commis.

Dan Hong

Executive Chef, Mr. Wong, Ms G’s, Papi Chulo, El Loco

Scott Hallsworth

Chef and restaurateur

Donovan Cooke

Executive Chef and co-owner, The Atlantic Restaurant

Adam D’Sylva

Executive Chef

Philip Howard

Chef and Owner, The Square