Pastry: Savoury & Sweet

by Michel Roux

from the publisher

This book from master chef Michel Roux dispels the myth that pastry making is complicated and beyond the reach of most cooks. Designed in an easy-to-follow format, this chunky compilation presents all of the classic pastries in the simplest possible way, along with an inspiring collection of superb recipes. Divided into 10 chapters, focusing on a particular type of dough, each one opens with a detailed step-by step technique spread with tips on perfect results. There are chapters on shortcrust, puff, brioche, croissant, choux and filo amongst others, and each chapter has both savoury and sweet recipes using the basic dough with plenty of tips for perfect results. There are 100 recipes, beautifully photographed by Martin Brigdale, ranging from classics, such as Quiche Lorraine, Classic Pizza, Fillet of Beef in a Brioche Crust, Apple Tart, Pecan Pie, to contemporary approaches to canapes, seafood pastries and filo croustades. Classic recipes are given a modern twist while orginal recipes boast new combinations of flavours or a lighter, simpler style of cooking. Those who choose to buy their pastry rather than make it can still enjoy the recipes.

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Recommended by

Jacqui Pickles


A go-to book for classic pastry recipes. His beautiful attention to detail keeps him apart and demonstrates how so many young chefs today have gaps in their dessert repertoire through lack of that traditional initial pastry training. I worked in the Albert camp but salute Michel's art with pastry.

Kerstin Rodgers

Chef, author and blogger

This book by the great lion-maned French chef Michel Roux Senior is brilliant like all of his series on eggs, sauces etc. The recipes are back to first principles of pastry, reliable and true with clear instructions.

James Winter

Executive Editor, Saturday Kitchen

If you really want to make pastry then start here. Its so clearly written and the recipes so well tested and for something as exact as pastry then this makes it essential reading.

Tim Anderson

Chef and food writer

Rachel Davies

Founder of Rachel's Kitchen