The Cooking of South West France

By Paula Wolfert

Original Publisher
Dorling Kindersley
Date of publication


Sample the bounty of southwestern France through Paula Wolfert’s classic book full of truffles, duck, nuts, cheese, and pork. To master the region’s signature dishes like confit and cassoulet, it helps to have a volume that culminates five years of research from the country’s greatest chefs.

from the publisher

You will find superb classic and revised recipes for ragouts, soups, desserts, and more….Connecting the 200 great recipes is Wolfert's unique vision of Southwest France. Gascony, the Perigord, Bordeaux, and the Basque country all come alive in these pages. This revised edition of The Cooking of Southwest France is truly another Wolfert classic in its own right.

Recommended by

Angela Clutton

Food writer

With apologies for repeating an author already on my list, but in my defence it is a very different book to ‘The Food of Morocco’ already mentioned. I first encountered this on the shelves of kitchen in - yes - south west France. It was full of just the kinds of recipes that fitted the culture, produce, and general feel of the area. A treasure.

Sally Vincent

Blogger at Raining Sideways

In her introduction Paula Wolfert sums up for me why I love this practical , hands-on book and find myself returning to it time and time again: “The idea is that you too can possess the South-West not merely in words, but in that most tangible and sensuous necessity of people’s lives: the wonderful food they eat” : a truly delicious book!

Mark Mardell


Perhaps my favourite region of France – duck, prunes in Armagnac, more duck. Complex recipes which inspire me rather than bind me to following every last letter.

Zarela Martinez


Paula is my favorite cookbook author and this is my favorite book of hers. I love the Catalan Lamb and Bean "Cassoulet"

Fergus Henderson


A book that concentrates on duck fat, prunes and pork has to be good.

Linda Pelaccio

Culinary historian

Catherine Pantsios

Chef and culinary educator

Nick Lander

Food writer and restaurant consultant

Megan Elias

Culinary historian

Eric Treuille

Cookbook seller

Bruce Palling


Andrew Langley

Food writer