The Greens Cookbook

by Deborah Madison

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Recommended by

Sejal Sukhadwala

Food writer

This groundbreaking, highly influential vegetarian classic is one of the first that I bought. It had a huge impact on my cooking, and set me on the path to becoming a food writer. It got me curious about ingredients like Yukon gold potatoes and collard greens that were unavailable in the UK at the time; and made me aspire to the sort of idyllic lifestyle where I’d spend hours making elaborate soup stocks from scratch.

Jenny Linford

Food writer

A book which brought vegetarian cooking - at that time often deeply dull - vividly to life. Not through colourful photos, as my Bantam paperback had none, but through the elegant writing and the recipes, with their cosmopolitan ingredients.

Graham Kerr

Cookbook author and TV chef (formerly "The Galloping Gourmet")

I had visited the testaurant and thoroughly enjoyed everything about it - it was here that I became committed to mainly plant food choices.

Christine McFadden

Food writer, cookbook author and cookery teacher

One of the first books of inspiring vegetarian recipes, lifting vegetarian cooking from 'brown rice and birkenstocks' image.

Denis Cotter

Founder and executive chef of Cafe Paradiso and author

Inspirational reverence for her vegetable material and its potential.

Rita Erlich

Food writer

An early book on vegetarian cookbook, still great.

Rachel Khong

Senior Editor Lucky Peach

Jami Curl

Founder of QUIN – a small batch, handmade candy company headquartered in Portland, Oregon

Marion Nestle

Academic, food activist and author