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Newsletter: Celebrating Madhur Jaffrey + take the ckbk survey for a chance to win a Japanese knife set

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 Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery

We are delighted to offer a newly updated version of Jaffrey’s seminal book on ckbk, available as an optional à la carte add-on* on publication day (October 12). Glamorous actress, cookbook author, TV chef, the redoubtable Madhur Jaffrey brought Indian cookery into homes across the UK with her books, and her elegant and irresistible on-screen demonstrations.
We caught up with Jaffrey ahead of publication to discuss her eminent career, her favourites among her books and recipes, and what drove her to teach us all about Indian cuisine – if she could she would teach the whole world to make a good biryani.
For a further taste of quite how important Jaffrey’s work has been in the development of Indian cooking in Britain, watch this short interview from the BBC.
* The book globally with a special month-long launch discount. The discounted à la carte price is £8.99, €9.99, US $9.99, CA $12.99, AU $12.99, NZ $12.99. That's less than half the list price of print, and in most cases cheaper than the Amazon Kindle price too!
Pictured above: Hyderabadi-style Dal by Madhur Jaffrey from Soups and Stews by The Editors of Saveur

What else is new on your ckbk bookshelves?

In her classic cookbook Sicilian Feasts – newly reissued in an updated edition featuring additional recipes from the Pasta Grannies YouTube channel – cookbook author and culinary instructor Giovanna Bellia La Marca takes us on a tempting and informative culinary journey to the island of her birth. Born in Ragusa, the southernmost city in Sicily, La Marca moved to the US at age 10, and now lives in New Jersey.

After a twenty year career as an art and Italian teacher she took her love of the food of her homeland beyond her own kitchen, and began to share it with students and home cooks through her classes and writing.

Try Sicilian Rice Balls (Arancini) filled with ricotta cheese, or a Frittata with Onions and Potatoes.
Store-cupboard cookery may be a buzzword for making supper more convenient, but how easy is it really to make something delicious from the contents of your cupboard, or even a tin?
In his latest book The Tinned Fish Cookbook: Easy-To-Make Meals from Ocean to Plate, sustainable seafood pioneer Bart van Olphen shows us how. Divided into sections, from tuna and sardines, to herring, crab, and more, there is something for all fish lovers.

Try Tuna Noodle Salad with Wafu Dressing, Dutch Mash with Smoked Herring, or veg-centric comfort food Cauliflower Steak with Mushrooms and Anchovy Butter.
If you love chocolate (and who doesn’t?), there is no better source for chocolate knowledge and recipes that Chantal Coady. Founder of celebrated chocolatier Rococo, she has blazed a trail through the chocolate world for well over thirty years. What she doesn’t know about chocolate isn’t worth knowing.
We are thrilled to have Rococo: Mastering The Art of Chocolate on our shelves. We will be talking to Coady soon about her life in chocolate – watch this space for that feature. But in the meantime, the beautiful and impossibly tempting recipes speak for themselves. Try Lapin à la Moutarde with Chocolate – an elegant example of the use chocolate in savory cooking. Or sweeten up your life with Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Madeleines au Miel, or some Chocolate and Walnut Fudge.
Want more chocolate? Of course you do. Explore our chocolate bookshelf.

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Ingredient spotlight: chestnuts

Chestnut is a name given to many nuts, but is primarily used for the European ‘sweet’ chestnut – a tree from temperate climates. Chestnuts contain more starch and less oil than other nuts, and their culinary value and use stems from this. They were traditionally a staple food of some regions, but now feature as more of a luxury. Mildly sweet, with a comforting toasted flavor, they work well in both sweet and savory dishes, and their flour is a great (gluten free) addition to the pastry kitchen.
Try this Salad of Duck Confit with Red Cabbage, Chestnuts, and Watercress. Bake a batch of vegan Chestnut Muffins. Or indulge in a Chocolate Chestnut Torte.
Find these recipes and more in our 12 Ways with Chestnuts collection.

6 of the best breads

October 16 is World Bread Day. Every region of the world has its version of this most fundamental of foods. What would we do without it.


from Slow Dough, Real Bread by Chris J L Young

Irish Soda Bread

from What to Eat Now (Autumn and Winter) by Valentine Warner

Perfect Challah

from The New Kosher by Kim Kushner


from Mowgli Street Food by Nisha Katona

Sourdough Rye Bread

from Bien Cuit: The Art of Bread by Zachary Golper

Rye Bread

from Copenhagen Cult Recipes by Christine Rudolph and Susie Theodorou
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