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The international network of culinary institutes has been delivering excellent culinary & hospitality training for over 127 years, from humble beginnings as a culinary magazine to over 30 institutes in 20 countries with over 20,000 students graduating each year. Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide range of training programmes, from basic skills right through to advanced culinary arts and university curricula in the restaurant, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Heading up the teaching of these programmes are Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs and lecturers, who are some of the finest chefs and experts in the industry. With years of experience in the best restaurants, hotels and hospitality businesses in the world under their belts, as well as numerous awards and accolades, you can rest assured you are learning from the best.

Here Le Cordon Bleu have provided a few useful techniques to provide a taste of what you can learn from a Le Cordon Bleu programme and help to elevate your cooking techniques at home.

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Making Hollandaise


Hollandaise sauce is one of the five mother sauces and a classic cuisine recipe for all aspiring chefs to learn. A versatile sauce, you can serve with steamed fish, over asparagus or as part of the classic dish eggs benedict. Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs guide you through how to make the perfect hollandaise sauce in this simple tutorial.

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Making Mayonnaise


In this video, we show you how to prepare a mayonnaise like a Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef. Mayonnaise is a classic sauce from the French cuisine repertoire. It is referred to as cold emulsion and can be used to season or accompany a cold dish. Historically a mayonnaise is simply egg yolks, oil and vinegar, although in modern times mustard is often added. By adding other ingredients, mayonnaise can easily be transformed into derivative sauces such as rémoulade, tartare, Marie Rose or Andalouse just to name a few.

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Turning vegetables


If you want to present an impressive plate, perfectly turned vegetables are a great way to add some finesse to your dish whilst ensuring your vegetables cook evenly. Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs display the correct way to turn a courgette in this fantastic technique video and once mastered this technique can be used on many different vegetables.

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Making pommes soufflés


Potatoes are one of the most versatile side dishes out there, and this preparation is the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes. These puffed potato pillows are beautifully light and have a delightful texture. Here Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs guide you through the perfect technique to create perfect pommes soufflées.

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Cleaning and filleting a fish


Cleaning and filleting fish is a very useful culinary technique which is easier than you might initially think. If you’ve been hesitant to buy a whole fish or have no idea what to do with your catch of the day, follow the guidance of Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef and you’ll be filleting like a pro in no time.

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Kneading dough


The correct kneading method is essential to ensure a successful bake, using a technique that distributes the yeast and allows gluten to develop is vital. Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs display how to knead dough in this helpful boulangerie technique video, so you can produce a beautiful bake every time.

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Lining a tart and blind baking


If you want to make a successful tart it is essential to get the lining and blind baking right. The correct technique ensures that the tart will bake evenly, look perfect and can be applied to any sweet or savoury tart you make. Here Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs show you the best method to get a perfect tart base every time.

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Making puff pastry Palmiers


Making puff pastry is an excellent skill to perfect, and once mastered can be applied to many different dishes, acting as a base technique for many different creations both sweet and savoury. Starting off with something simple is a great way to get comfortable with the technique, and here Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs display how to create puff pastry to make the perfect palmiers in this fantastic tutorial video.

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Making macarons


Macarons are a delicate and delightful treat and make a wonderful addition to your afternoon tea or boxed as a homemade gift. Here Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs demonstrate the macaronage technique required to make perfect macarons with a crisp shell and a soft centre!

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Observe our Le Cordon Bleu teaching chefs showcasing the method applied to the art of piping and cake decorating. Make a piping cornet and start with a simple design, and when at ease have fun and be creative!

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