Chez Panisse Vegetables

by Alice Waters

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Original Publisher
William Morrow
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Recommended by

Anna Colquhoun

Cooking teacher, food consultant and writer

All the Chez Panisse books are great, plus those of their many chefs and alumni. I picked this one because when devising vegetarian menus I'm often inspired by its delicate yet precise touch, designed to show off the vegetables themselves. Plus it reminds me of happy days in their kitchen. ("Don't *crush* the garlic! Peel it carefully!")

Lisa Q. Fetterman

Cofounder and CEO of Nomiku

The aesthetics of this book make it epic like a bible. It tells you so much about each vegetable and then gives you a recipe much in the style of MFK Fisher. The recipes aren't just listed procedure or quantities, it's a story about how you cook the vegetable.

Kate Gibbs

Journalist and author

From grilled radicchio to shaved artichoke and grapefruit salad, Alice Waters' recipes are creative and delicious, turning the humble vegetable into a feast.

Natasha MacAller


My go to book when my NZ garden veggie beds overflow with produce, this book has everything!

Jesse Ziff Cool

Chef and cookbook author

Alexandra Stafford

Food writer and photographer

Sri Owen

Food writer and cook

Lynne Curry

Food writer

Alex Harrell

Chef-Owner, Angeline

Sophie McNally

(Formerly) Operations Manager at Keith McNally restaurants in NYC

Anna Jones

Cook, food writer and stylist

Rodney Dunn

Co-Founder of The Agrarian Kitchen

Allegra McEvedy

Chef, writer and broadcaster

Alice Fotheringham and Catherine Gazzoli

Director (Alice) and Founder (Catherine) of Baby's Taste Journey