Salt, Sugar, Smoke

by Diana Henry

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Recommended by

Charlie Lee-Potter

Writer, broadcaster and academic

I'm a slightly cavalier cook - throw it in, taste a little, add a touch more. But that method doesn't work so well - or so safely - with preserving and curing. Diana Henry's book is as comforting as it's edifying, with perfectly balanced recipes and precise instructions. Diana Henry is the kind of person - and cook - that everyone wants to have as a friend

Ed Smith

Food writer

A go to for preserving. I visit many charcutiers around Britain. They're professionals at what they do … and this simple home cooking text sits alongside the classic Ruhlman Salumi, and Charcutería: The Soul of Spain by Jeffrey Weiss on each and every one of their shelves.

Hayley Anderton

Blogger at Desperate Reader

All her books are excellent but this one makes preserving in all its forms seem so accessible to the home cook as well as being full of things that are easy enough to make but hard to buy off the shelf.

Felicity Cloake

Food writer and author

I could have chosen almost any one of this brilliant author's many books, but this preserving book is probably the one I use most. A great collection of tried and tested classics and new ideas.

Sandy Jarvis

Head Chef & partner at The Culpeper

So beautifully written and for someone to spend a year making preserves opened my eyes to the dedication needed to make flavours accessible to all.

Rachel McCormack

Writer and broadcaster

The best guide to preserving written for home cooks as opposed to chefs with sheds. Clear instructions, joyful knowledge. Full of the joy of food.

Fiona Burrell

Founder, Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

I could have chosen any of Diana's books. She is a gifted writer and this book is wonderful if you are interested in preserving

Urvashi Roe

Blogger, Owner of The Library Cafe

Ren Behan


Rachel Davies

Founder of Rachel's Kitchen

Vanessa Kimbell

Sourdough baker, writer & food activist

Annie Gray

Food historian

Ian James

Co-founder of Melrose and Morgan

Kylee Newton

Preserver, cookbook author and sometime food stylist