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 Discover Nigerian food with the Orishirishi Cookbook

Nigerian cookbook author Tola Akerele is co-founder of the Bogobiri House in Lagos, a boutique hotel and cultural meeting place. Her travels, her work, and her writing, all celebrate the rich range of ingredients and traditions of food from across Nigeria.

In an accompanying feature for ckbk's Consuming Passions series Akerele writes of  the central role played by dried crayfish, as a seasoning in the food of South-Eastern Nigeria. She describes how their unique, tangy flavor of the smoked or sun-dried crustaceans is used to enhance many of the staple dishes of the region, including  Groundnut Soup with Bitter Leaf and Banga Rice.
Both dishes are included in The Orishirishi Cookbook, in which Akerele brings together stories and recipes from her kitchen, her country, and her culture. The book is divided into sections by recipe type, soups, rice dishes, bean dishes, yam dishes, small bites and drinks. No West African cookbook would be complete without a recipe for jollof rice, and Basmati Jollof Rice proudly takes its place among the many competitors for best jollof rice.
Try Puff Puff, the street snack of sweet, spiced, fried dough that is growing in popularity well beyond its origins.

Orishirishi means ‘variety’ in Yoruba. This speaks to the recipes in Akerele’s book, and is also richly true of the diverse cuisines of Africa as a whole.

Take a look at our Africa Bookshelf to delve into other parts of the continent. You might start by exploring Ethiopian cooking with Tekebash & Saba, or the great range of foods in Saka Saka: Adventures in African Cooking, South of the Sahara.

Explore all the recipes from The Orishrishi Cookbook
Pictured above: Basmati Jollof Rice from The Orishirishi Cookbook by Tola Akerele

Ingredient spotlight: broad beans

Broad beans – also known as fava beans – were one of man’s earliest staple foods. Traces of them have been found in the very oldest archaeological sites of habitation across Europe, West Asia and Northern Africa. Although introduced to the US in the 1600s, they fell out of favor with Americans until their more recent culinary love affair with all things Mediterranean.

Watermelon with lime, chile & saltIn season from May throughout the summer, the youngest beans are the most green and tender, and are a delicacy eaten raw.

Their sweet, nutty flavor makes them highly adaptable when cooked, and they are a fine nutritious component of many dishes across many cuisines.

Try Broad Beans, Peas and Fennel Tagine – This is a really simple but flavorful light and brothy stew that makes great of all the vegetables.

Make a zingy Broad Bean Purée, which needs nothing but some good bread to make a light lunch. Or try these richly spiced Persian Fava Bean + Dill Meatballs for a full-flavored satisfying meal. These are just three of the recipes from our 12 Ways with Fava (Broad) Beans collection.

You asked, we listened

Many of you enjoy making personalised collections of cookbooks and recipes on ckbk. But if you have lots of collections you sometimes struggle to quickly find the one you need. You told us you needed a way to organise and order your collections.
To find out what we have done about it, read how to Get Your Collections in Order with ckbk’s Latest New Features. There are now many different ways to sort and search your collections, making them simple to find and navigate. So, now that you have gone to the trouble to research and categorize the recipes and books that you love, you’ll find it even easier to get to them when you need them!

6 of the best waffles

Soft middle, crisp edges, gently toasted flavor, a conduit for an endless array of toppings – who doesn’t love a waffle! August 24 is National Waffle Day, so go grab that waffle iron.

Pandan Waffles with Coconut Peanut Butter

from Jackfruit and Blue Ginger by Sasha Gill

Teff Waffles with Turmeric and Honey Drizzle

from East by West by Jasmine Hemsley

Banana Waffles with Miso Caramel Sauce

from My Asian Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce

Savoury Sweet Potato Waffles

from Dark Rye and Honey Cake by Regula Ysewijn

My Grandmother’s Waffles

from Simply Delicious by Paul Bocuse

Crispy Chocolate Waffles with Mint Syrup and Whipped Cream

from Street Foods by Hinnerk von Bargen and the Culinary Institute of America
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