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Newsletter: Recipes for seasonal soups and diverse dumplings, plus Daniel Galmiche's video tutorials and Stuart Ralston’s new cookbook

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 Look no further for your masterclass with Daniel Galmiche

With a resumé that lists more Michelin-starred restaurants than most gourmets have eaten at, there is no doubt that Daniel Galmiche is a culinary force to be reckoned with. His restaurants, such as L’Ortolan and Cliveden House, have all been worthy of a pilgrimage, serving exceptional food rooted in French culinary tradition.
His cookbooks are filled with recipes interpreting that tradition for the home cook – at ckbk we have both French Countryside Cooking and the French Brasserie Cookbook, as well as three further books that include his recipes. And now, even better, we bring you an at-home tutorial with the master: Chef Daniel Galmiche Demonstrates Dishes from French Countryside Cooking.
There is no better way to learn than by following a demonstration. Produced in association with Gaggenau, Galmiche has filmed some of his most loved recipes, helping you to master them with his personal tips and insight.
See our feature for all six video tutorials, and of course you can see the recipe details on our site.
Try Leek, Pancetta & Chestnut Mushroom Pie, a Red Onion Tarte Tatin with Goat’s Cheese, or Galmiche’s version of that classic dessert Red Fruit Clafoutis with Flavoured Greek Yoghurt.

If you are a fan of video tutorials, don’t forget that you can search for video content on ckbk by adding the word ‘video’ to your search. For example dessert recipes with videos, or recipes using ham which have videos. Your tutorials await!
Find all 130+ recipes from French Countryside Cooking
Pictured above: Red Fruit Clafoutis with Flavoured Greek Yogurt from French Countryside Cooking by Daniel Galmiche

Save the date for Stuart Ralston’s unique cookbook

Watermelon with lime, chile & saltWe are delighted to announce that we will be launching Edinburgh chef’s Stuart Ralston’s debut cookbook live on ckbk on the day of publication, October 5. To learn more, read our Cookbook Preview: Catalogued Ideas and Random Thoughts – A Cookbook. We caught up with Ralston just ahead of publication to find out more about his work at renowned Edinburgh restaurants Aizle and Noto, and also tipo, his new pasta venture, and how this led him to write his book.

The book offers a very personal story, reflecting on his life in food and his creative style. It is a document of his magpie mind and the delicious and skilful dishes that result from it. There are treats for the serious foodie, such as the Chawanmushi (a Japanese savory egg custard) that he made for his stint on TV show Great British Menu. 

Watermelon with lime, chile & salt But there are also recipes within the grasp of any home cook – such as the Chocolate Tart previewed in our feature – which still demonstrate his attention to detail and inquiring mind.

For more delicious recipes and insight into the life and work of this influential Scottish talent, make a note in your diary for publication day on October 5. You can also sign up here for new book notifications so that you will never miss a new book being added to ckbk.


Every culture, climate and cuisine, has its version of soup. A bowl of soup is something uniquely comforting, and enjoyed by all. Both filling and nourishing, soup can be made out of almost anything, from larder scraps, to the wealth of your autumn harvest. A broth-based soup is one of the healthiest meals around.
As the season changes, and some of us are preparing to dig out our winter sweaters, it is also a perfect moment to brush up on your soup cookery. For entire books on the subject take a look at our soup bookshelf. Whether you are in the mood for Minestrone, want to rustle up a Char Siu Pork in Miso Ramen, or crave the warmth of Carrot & Cumin Soup, we have all your soup bases covered.

Ingredient spotlight: White Chocolate

Sweet and creamy, white chocolate is nostalgic for many of us, evoking the candy bars of childhood. With the physical properties of chocolate, but without that 'chocolate' flavor, it is also a gift for pastry chefs, with its unlimited potential for flavor pairing. But what is white chocolate? And is it chocolate at all? White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, with the addition of milk and sugar – vegan white chocolate will replace the milk with a plant-based alternative.

Watermelon with lime, chile & salt Cocoa butter makes up 40-60 percent of the cocoa bean, and it is possible to extract it, separating it from cocoa mass, the brown and flavorful part of the bean. So, white chocolate behaves like chocolate, with its sumptuous melt, and can be tempered and set to create bars, fine shapes, and enrobe bonbons or truffles. While chocolatier skills might take some practice, white chocolate is also a gift in the domestic kitchen, bringing a rich decadent touch to recipes.

Try this White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Saffron and Cardamom, this White Chocolate Bread Pudding, or explore the recipes in our 12 Ways with White Chocolate Collection.

6 of the best dumpling recipes

Dumplings, little bundles of edible joy, deserve their own celebratory day. September 26 is National Dumpling Day in the US. Here are six recipes so you can make your own.

Shanghai Soup Dumplings

from Jackfruit & Ginger by Sasha Gill

Korean Dumplings

from The Korean Table by Taekyung Chung and Debra Samuels

Nepalese Dumplings

from We Are La Cocina by Binita Pradhan

Red Wine Beef with Dumplings

from A Simple Table by Michele Cranston

Spiced Gram Flour Dumplings

from The Complete Regional Indian Cookbook by Mridula Baljekar

Blueberry Pierogi with Honeyed Sour Cream

from Fresh from Poland by Michal Korkasz
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