Home Cooking

by Laurie Colwin

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Recommended by

Sarah Chamberlain

Food writer

I think there should be an established clubhouse for Fans of Laurie Colwin, where nice people can drink coffee and chat about Sussex Pond Pudding, or what to cook for the fussiest eater, or just about what a goddamn genius she was and how unfair it is that she didn’t live to see food writing the way it is now.

Anna Thomas

Screenwriter, filmmaker and author

This is someone who loves home cooking, knows the place it holds in her world, and is simply a wonderful writer. Long ago, she inspired me with her cooking stories in Gourmet magazine, and I’ve been a fan of all her work – food and fiction -- ever since.

Nicola Miller

Editor and writer

Suffused with love for her little daughter and a source of friendly advice with a familiar tone for the rest of us, this is, for me, the book to read when you feel in need of something other than a list of ingredients and what to do with them.

Kate Young

Blogger and cookbook author

A food book I read more often in bed than in the kitchen. Colwin’s prose is gorgeous; engaging and unfussy. I love her recipes, but she is also a brilliant storyteller, drawing you completely into her kitchen and her home.

Kay Plunkett-Hogge

Food writer

My favourite type of book: a memoir with recipes. It’s beautifully evocative and a huge influence on my own work. Between her and Nora Ephron, that’s how I aspire to write.

Stephanie Jackson


A wonderful read, with recipes – including the best fried chicken method I've ever come across (and when you only dare indulge in fried chicken once a year, this matters).

Jami Curl

Founder of QUIN – a small batch, handmade candy company headquartered in Portland, Oregon

Words about food and cooking have never been more beautiful - Laurie Colwin's writing is pure magic.

Nigella Lawson

Author, journalist, broadcaster and television personality

Warm, engaged, witty writing not just about food, but life.

Mina Holland

Author and Editor

Meera Sodha

Indian cook and food writer