How to be a Domestic Goddess

by Nigella Lawson


“A book about baking, but not a baking book”. However Nigella defines her iconic title, this is your essential guide to her style of simply divine baking, with recipes for just about every occasion. From bog standard Madeira to macaroons of various kinds, to cooking for the school fête. You’ve heard of New York Cheesecake, now try Nigella’s London Cheesecake. Not to mention Molten Chocolate Babycakes.

from the publisher

This is for those days or evenings when you want to usher a little something out of the kitchen that makes you thrill at the sheer pleasure you've conjured up.'

The classic baking bible by Nigella Lawson ('Queen of the Kitchen' - Observer Food Monthly). This is the book that helped the world rediscover the joys of baking and kick-started the cupcake revolution, from cake shops around the country to The Great British Bake Off.

How To Be a Domestic Goddess is not about being a goddess, but about feeling like one. Here is the book that feeds our fantasies, understands our anxieties and puts cakes, pies, pastries, preserves, puddings, bread and biscuits back into our own kitchens.

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Recommended by

Erin Jeanne McDowell

Cook, food writer and food stylist

I used to babysit for a very stylish family in my neighborhood, and right after I started working in my first bakery job, I discovered this book on their coffee table. I was so engrossed when the parents came back from a night on the town that they let me borrow it - it was ultimately what made me decide to go to culinary school and really pursue this crazy, delicious dream I had.

Genevieve Taylor

Food writer and stylist

I confess that I’m not a very good baker, preferring the chuck it all in method of cooking that doesn’t really work for baking, and I love Nigella’s ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the art of perfect cakes, bread and pies. I guess it showed me that I can bake a cake, even though I’m not a natural ‘domestic goddess’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Stella Parks

Pastry chef

I started working in restaurants when I was 14, so by my second job post-culinary school as a so-called pastry chef, food was just work. But here's Nigella having the freaking time of her life on every page, drinking wine, measuring things by the handful, and generally having fun. It helped me get back to having fun in the kitchen.

Annie Bell

Food writer

Nigella initiated a turning in the tide of how we perceive cooking, and time spent in the kitchen. Her ability to welcome and encourage us back into this environment, as the friend who is there at our side, is a unique talent. She manages to instil this into every dish she offers us.

Caroline Kenyon

Founder/Director of The Food Awards Company

My husband gave this to me - I was not a confident baker and even less so after I saw a small child presiding over a fire sale of my leftover fairy cakes at my son's primary school. Now I feel I can bake and even if it's not as light as a feather, it will look and taste good!

Catherine Phipps

Food writer and author

I have 100s of baking books, but use this one more than the rest put together, as the recipes are failsafes but also - as frequently suggested by Nigella - infinitely adaptable. I love the writing tone too - full of warmth, whimsy and good sense.

Kavita Favelle

Blogger of Kavey Eats

A classic book for cake-lovers in particular, we've enjoyed several cakes from this book, though we are also fans of Feast: Food That Celebrates Life.

Rukmini Iyer

Food stylist and food writer

My go to for baking. Harmonious photographs and love the unfussy layout as well as obviously fabulous recipe.

Eleanor Maidment

Food writer

So many of my go-to classic bakes – banana bread, brownies – come from Nigella Lawson’s second book.

Hayley Anderton

Blogger at Desperate Reader

It's full of good things and made me want to bake and then bake some more.

Julie Friend

Chef, food writer and Masterchef winner

Again, heavy on baking and lots of wonderful recipes which never fail.

Felicity Spector

Chief writer Channel 4 News

I love cake. And desserts. So no list could be complete without this.

Mallika Basu

Food writer

Got me into baking.

Peta Leith

Pastry chef

Jemma Wilson

Founder of Crumbs & Doilies and star of the YouTube channel, Cupcake Jemma

Julie Gibbs

Publishing Director – Illustrated Books, Penguin Random House Australia

Sonia Cabano

Author, former chef & TV cook/presenter

Alexandra Stafford

Food writer and photographer

Miss South

Freelance writer and blogger

Martine Carter

Director, Sauce Management

Lorraine Elliott

Food Blogger, Writer & Photographer

Marissa Nicosia

Assistant Professor at Penn State Abington

Frances Quinn

Food writer and television presenter

Jennifer Yee

Pastry Chef