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Newsletter: Regional Indian food + Bonfire Night treats

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The delicious diversity of regional Indian cookery

If we talk about Indian cuisine, we imply something unified. It would be more truthful to talk about Indian cuisines. India’s many cooking styles are deeply regional, overlaid with cultural, religious, and spiritual differences, all of which change with the seasons – which makes investigating India’s regional dishes and cooking styles all the more rewarding.
We have 17 books on our Indian bookshelf, from countrywide compendiums to books that investigate a single cooking style. Chitrita Banerji shows us the elements that define Bengali food in her book Bengali Cooking: Seasons & Festivals. Or explore different takes on the cultural melting pot that is Mumbai city – Parsi food, such as classic Dhansak, takes center stage in My Bombay Kitchen. In Dishoom: From Bombay with Love (available through our à la carte collection) the London-based restaurants share many of their hugely popular dishes – you can now make their House Black Daal at home!
For a book that presents a superbly comprehensive overview of the whole array of Indian cuisines, look no further than J Inder Singh Kalra’s Prashad: Cooking with Indian Masters. This masterwork is full of wisdom, insight and flavor-packed recipes – such as this Goan pork Vindaloo. To discover more, our new feature The Cooking of India invites you to take a comprehensive taste tour through our collection.
New to ckbk is a less traditional take on Indian flavours, Reza’s Indian Spice by Reza Mahammad. London-born Mahammad’s cooking combines the tastes and techniques of the Indian Subcontinent with the ingredients and sensibilities of European cooking. The result is spice-forward, colorful, vibrant dishes that are surprisingly easy to put together. Try Mooli and Pomegranate Salad, or green and fragrant Chicken in a Coriander and Coconut Sauce – a long time favorite at Mahammad’s celebrated restaurant The Star of India.
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Pictured above: Mooli and Pomegranate Salad from Reza’s Indian Spice by Reza Mahammad 

Remembering Joyce Molyneux

“Original champion of British food and seasonal ingredients long before it was trendy. A great chef and an amazing restaurant.”
Graham Garrett – chef/owner of The West House

This week the culinary world mourns the legendary Joyce Molyneux. One of the first women to earn a Michelin star, a forerunner of the Modern British food movement, and author of iconic The Carved Angel Cookery Book, she will be much missed. What better way to remember a great chef than by exploring some of her influential recipes including the celebrated Dartmouth Pie.
“Not explicitly an English cookbook – influences and ingredients also come from elsewhere – this is nonetheless deeply and beautifully rooted in Molyneux’s cooking in her Devon restaurant. Every recipe has that little bit of finesse that makes a dish special without being cheffy.”
Hattie Ellis – food writer.

It’s Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night, celebrated in the UK on November 5, commemorates Guy Fawkes’ ill-fated Gunpowder Plot of 1605. He didn’t succeed in blowing up the Houses of Parliament as intended, but his epic failure is nonetheless remembered centuries later, with fireworks and bonfires, and warming dishes designed to be eaten outdoors. Loaded Baked Potatoes with Baked Beans and the Works perfectly fits the bill, and a Hot Chocolate will always warm up the troops.
It isn’t really Bonfire Night if there aren’t toffee apples, so try Cinnamon Caramel Toffee Apples. We recommend any of these Warming Recipes for Bonfire Night.

What’s happening in #ckbkclub this month

Every November, World Vegan Month is a time to shine a light on the vegan movement. Why not try a plant-based diet before the indulgent holiday season begins. Cooking without meat, fish or dairy means experimenting with all sorts of interesting, nutritious and great-tasting ingredients. ckbk has a huge range of recipes and resources to help your meat-free challenge. With over 23,000 vegan recipes there’s plenty to explore and make for friends and family. We’d love to see what you try this month, so be sure to share your photos and tips. 
Learn more and join in the fun on our Facebook group.    
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What to cook now: duck and chestnuts

There are several species of commercially-bred ducks, and all are very good to eat. If you’ve previously shied away from cooking duck believing it took skills beyond the limits of your culinary know-how, think again!
We combed ckbk and brought together a collection on The Diversity of Duck; simple-to execute recipes with fool-proof directions and glorious results. Prepare the breasts simply and create Peppery Duck Steaks with Parsley Salad, or try this Drunken Duck Ragu, here served with gnocchi.
Chestnuts contain more starch and less oil than most nuts, so have a unique role in cooking, particularly baking. They pair beautifully with chocolate – try Michele Cranston’s indulgent Chocolate and Chestnut Mousse or Hannah Kaminsky’s vegan Chocolate Chestnut Torte.
Chestnut flour has a sweet strong flavor, which makes it ideal for muffins, or even gluten-free doughnuts. And we haven’t even started on all the savory uses, such as Terry Tan’s Braised Chicken and Chestnuts!

Explore our 12 Ways with Chestnuts collection for these recipes and more.

6 superb sandwiches

November 3 is World Sandwich Day, so here are six of the mouth-watering best for inspiration!

Lamb Reuben with Special Sauce

from The Bacon Bible by Peter Sherman

Mini Pork Banh Mi

from Mr Hong by Dan Hong

Coronation Chicken Sandwich Filling

from The Quality Chop House by William Lander, Shaun Searley and Daniel Morgenthau

The New Orleans Muffaletta Sandwich

from Lavender & Lovage by Karen Burns-Booth

Epic Veggie Sandwich

from Happy Vegan Food by Bettina Campolucci Bordi

Club Sandwich with Cheese, Bacon, Smoked Beetroot & Celery Salad

from Home Made by Yvette van Boven
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