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Newsletter: The iconic Moro cookbook + ingredient spotlights on lemons, tofu and bacon

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 Moro – a cookbook that changed the culinary landscape

When partners in work and life Sam and Sam Clark opened their restaurant Moro in Exmouth market in 1997, they started something that has gone on to influence both the kind of food we like to eat, and the way we like to eat it. Restaurants post-Moro are not the same, and they have changed for the better. We are delighted that Moro: The Cookbook, a key part of this journey and ranked #16 in 1000 Cookbooks most critically acclaimed cookbooks of all time, is now available on ckbk through our à la carte selection. Ramona Andrews caught up with Samantha Clark to talk about what it is like to work alongside your life partner, the Moro ethos, and the creation of their iconic cookbook in our feature Behind The Cookbook: Moro.
Their food is born of a desire to explore what they call the 'saffron-cinnamon link' – that rich culinary ground of Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Their recipes are not fusion food, but are from one country or region in Morocco, Lebanon, Spain or Turkey. What they all their dishes have is an abundance of flavor.

Try this Rice with Pork, Chorizo and Spinach or enjoy the piquancy of palate-awakening Pickled Turnips.

The book includes superb advice and recipes for several cornerstones of the Mediterranean kitchen – such as their Moro Sourdough and Yoghurt. Once you make your own you will not want to go back!

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Pictured above: Salmoriglio Lamb Skewers with Caper Mint Sauce from My Street Food Kitchen by Jennifer Joyce

For the love of a lemon

Food writer and podcaster Bruce McMichael is well known for his Consuming Passion for Lemons, a culinary attraction sparked by that first taste of enlivening, mouth-puckering, lemonade freshly squeezed by his grandmother. He takes us on a zestful journey from that first glass of lemony joy to his personal and professional connection with all things citrus.

Evoking the history, geography, and flavor-packed versatility of the lemon, he will have you reaching for your favorite lemon recipes and savoring every mouthful.

McMichael has also gathered for us a wealth of lemon recipes – from the simplest Lemon Granita with almost no other ingredients than the lemon itself, to the more complex, including great recipes that use Preserved Lemon.
Try Lentil, Preserved Lemon and Date Tagine or Red Mullet with Chermoula and Preserved Lemons.
If you want even more lemon, McMichael includes a five course lemon menu, and there is a twenty strong collection of some of his favorite recipes on ckbk

Ingredient spotlight: tofu

Tofu is a white curd made from soya beans. This protein-rich food originates in China, is widely used in Asian food, and is now popular across the globe. With its range of textures and mild taste it is a great vehicle for added flavors, and is used in a wide range of dishes, both savory and sweet.

Watermelon with lime, chile & saltFirmer tofu can be fried in chunks or strips – such as in this Tofu Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce or this vegetarian version of a Saag Paneer substituting tofu for cheese. While the softer textures work well in delicate soups or whip into light creamy desserts.

Try this Soy Soup with Silken Tofu and Edamame Beans, followed by a Magical Chocolate Mousse.

Explore this collection of Simple Tofu Soups, Dive Into 12 Tofu Desserts, or search ckbk to find countless gems, such as these 200 easy tofu main courses.  

6 of the best bacon recipes

There is arguably no finer sound, or scent, than bacon frying at breakfast time. September 2 is International Bacon Day, and in honor of the event we bring you six delicious ways to eat your bacon

Bacon and Egg Pie

from The Mountain Café Cookbook by Kirsten Gilmour

Tempura Bacon

from The Bacon Bible by Peter Sherman

Maple Bacon Doughnuts

from The Doughnut Cookbook by Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen

Classic Panini: Turkey & Bacon Club

from Perfect Panini by Jodi Liano

Spinach and Bacon Tart

from Bake!: Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking By Nick Malgieri

Bacon and Eggs

from Simply Delicious by Paul Bocuse
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