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Keep your Veganuary resolutions, ckbk is here to help!

Recipes and cookbooks to inspire your vegan eating goals

You’ve made it to the half-way point, don’t let lack of dinner inspiration hold you back from meeting your Veganuary goals, we’ve curated a selection of menus and cookbooks that will help propel you to the finish line! 

What is Veganuary? 

Started by a non-profit based in the UK, Veganuary is a campaign to promote vegan eating and bring awareness to animal suffering by pledging to eat vegan for January. More than a quarter of a million people have made their Veganuary pledge to eat vegan this month—eating a plant-based diet that eliminates consumption of all animal products. In addition to doing good for the planet, many people choose to participate as a health-boosting move to overhaul their diet. 

How can ckbk help?

ckbk’s collection of 350 cookbooks includes 12,000+ vegan recipes. Find the recipes you desire by using smart filters to help you sort recipes by skill level, national cuisine or by meal of the day. 

Plant-powered dinner ideas for Veganuary

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Vegetarian cookbooks serving up loads of vegan recipes

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