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Newsletter: Scrumptious sandwiches 🥪 + substantial hotpots for winter nights

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 Rethinking the sandwich

Whether or not the myth is true – that the Earl of Sandwich called for meat between two slices of bread in order not to disrupt his card game – the sandwich is a worldwide favorite. Given how easy they are to make, and the endless variety of breads and combinations of fillings, the challenge of a sandwich is in the choosing. We have two new books dedicated to the subject. Consider your sandwich game upped!
Max’s Sandwich Book
A Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller, Max’s Sandwich Book is the brainchild of chef Max Halley. Having worked in Michelin starred establishments, Max went in search of an alternative route to great tasting food. What he doesn’t know about sandwiches isn’t worth knowing, and he has used that knowledge to formulate his sandwich mantra – hot, cold, sweet, sour, crunchy soft. As he puts it; ‘the secret to deliciousness.’
This is the formula for the sandwiches in his eponymous London sandwich shop, and for all the recipes in his tempting book. From a revamp of the classic Jam Sandwich to his epic upgrade of a Caesar salad Et Tu Brute? the book covers all sandwich bases and has a load of fun en route.
We caught up with the outspoken author for his take on sandwiches and much more in a lively Q&A

Sandwiches of the World

In his book Sandwiches of the World celebrated food photographer Battman elevates the humble snack to an art form.
He documents the sandwich creations of 100 top restaurant chefs from across the US; from Daniel Bouloud, to Wylie Dufresne, and a rollcall of superstar names in between. Every photograph and recipe is an invitation to an irresistible sandwich. Try Emile Castillo’s Lobster Club Sandwich, or switch things up with John Greeley’s Reverse Sandwich.
Want yet more sandwiches? The Ultimate Sandwich Collection brings together 32 of our favorites from across ckbk. For a great take on a classic try Club Sandwich with Cheese, Bacon, Smoked Beetroot and Celery Salad, or keep it simple with Egg Sandwiches with Wilted Spinach.
Find 208 sandwich lunches
Pictured above: Kenneth W. Collins’ Lemongrass Cured Lamb Sandwich with Snow Pea Ginger Soup from Sandwiches of the World by Battman

Consuming Passions – spelt

In the latest of our new features, pastry chef and writer of the Shikha la Mode newsletter, Shikha Kaiwar tell us all about her Consuming Passion: Spelt. An ancient grain, it has avoided genetic modification for mass commercialisation, and so has more protein, fiber and beneficial minerals than white flour. Health benefits aside, Shikha’s enthusiasm for spelt stems from the deep nutty flavor it brings to baking and patisserie.
A type of wheat, spelt flour behaves in the same way as wheat flour, so can be substituted with ease. She suggests making a start by using spelt flour 50-50 with regular wheat flour in sweet or savory recipes to see how you like it.
It was baking cookies that Shikha first discovered the wonder of spelt. Try Oat Cookies with Cranberries and Almonds. For a savory bake she recommends these Wild Garlic & Cheddar Spelt Scones. Or for a special treat Shikha has shared her own recipe for Spelt Oatmeal Almond Butter Muffins at the bottom of the feature.
We want to add to this growing series. So, we’re asking you to get messaging, let us know what food you are most passionate about.Tell us about your own Consuming Passion in a few words.

We'll publish a selection of the best responses, and the lucky winner will receive one of our limited edition ckbk aprons.
Share your Consuming Passion

What to cook now: endive (chicory)

Endive and chicory are close relatives, and their names are confusingly interchangeable in different languages. All varieties of this leafy salad vegetable are crisp and crunchy when raw, soft and yielding when cooked. They have a fresh flavor with bitter notes, and lend themselves to a variety of dishes.
Try a classic Endive Salad with Roquefort and Walnuts. Roasting and charring brings out the bitterness; try Well-Charred Endives with Anchovy Butter, or Roasted Endive with Prosciutto. For these recipes and more we’ve put together a collection of 12 Ways with Endive.

6 of the best hotpots

For those days when you need something substantial a hotpot comes to mind. Here are six satisfying variations on the theme to get you started.

Sausage, Apple and Celery Hotpot with Cider

from Lavender & Lovage by Karen Burns-Booth


from Japanese Food Made Easy by Aya Nishimura

Pink Pepper Lamb Hotpot with Sautéed Red Cabbage and Mint

from East by West by Jasmine Hemsley

Dipping Squid Hotpot

from Food and Travels by Alastair Hendy

Jackfruit Hotpot with Dumplings

from Vegan Kids by Heather Whinney

Caramelised Whitebait and Pork Belly Hotpot

from The Songs of Sapa by Luke Nguyen
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